We provide finance consulting for credit unions and other agencies that offer instant loans to their clients.


BWA has over 50 years of experience providing independent
financial advice to public agencies throughout California
and the United States.

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BWA has completed more than 2,000
rate studies for water, sewer, and
solid waste utilities.

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Water Treatment Plant


BWA has helped secure over $5 billion of
low-cost financing for public works projects.

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Big Sur Coast of California


BWA has a long track record of success helping
public agencies meet their financial challenges.

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Expertise in Utility Rates & Finance

Bartle Wells Associates is a public finance consulting firm with expertise in the areas of utility rates and finance.  We have over 50 years of experience helping public agencies develop strategic financial plans, evaluate rate and fee alternatives, and adopt rate increases designed to support financial stability while minimizing the impact on ratepayers.  As independent financial advisors, we have helped our clients evaluate funding options and obtain over $5 billion in low-cost financing.  We have successfully served over 500 public agencies – from small utility districts to large cities, counties, and regional agencies.  Please explore our website or contact us to learn more about our firm and the services we provide.

Utility Rate Studies

Our utility rate and fee studies employ a cost-of-service approach and are designed to support long-term financial stability while being fair to all customers. We have completed over 2,000 utility rate and fee studies and are knowledgeable about the legal requirements governing rates and development impact fees.

Financial Plans

Our financial plans provide agencies with a roadmap for funding future operations, debt service, and capital improvement needs. We help agencies evaluate financing alternatives, develop prudent policies, and implement forward-looking financial strategies designed to support long-term financial health.

Project Financing

BWA has helped public agencies obtain over $5 billion of project financing via bonds, COPs, bank loans, private placements, lines of credit, and a range of state and federal grant and loan programs. We provide independent advice that enables our clients to finance projects at the lowest cost.

BWA has successfully advised over 500 public agencies on the complexities and challenges in public finance.


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