Bartle Wells Associates designs utility rates and fees that are fair and practical based on a cost-of-service approach. Our expertise includes development of rates and development impact fees for water, sewer, recycled water, storm water, and solid waste utilities. In recent years, we have helped many agencies implement conservation-oriented rate structures and drought surcharges to support financial stability during periods of reduced water sales. We are knowledgeable about the legal requirements for rates and fees including Proposition 218, Proposition 26, and Government Code 66000 (AB 1600). We develop recommendations that are easy to understand and implement, and minimize the impact to ratepayers. BWA has represented cities and special districts at hundreds of public hearings. We develop clear and effective presentations and build consensus for our recommendations.

Financial Plans

Bartle Wells Associates has developed strategic financial plans for hundreds of public agencies and public works programs. Our plans provide agencies with a financial roadmap for funding long-term operating, debt service, and capital needs. We evaluate the wide range of financing options available to public agencies and develop financial models to evaluate alternatives and identify the best financing approaches. We also help agencies develop prudent financial policies, such as fund reserve targets, to support sound financial management. BWA has developed financial plans to help hundreds of public agencies fund their operating and capital programs, meet debt service requirements, and maintain long-term financial health.

Bonds / Project Financing

Bartle Wells Associates has helped public agencies secure over $5 billion of financing for public works projects through the issuance of bonds, COPs, bank loans, lines of credit, and a range of state and federal grant and loan programs. We have supervised the sale of over 400 municipal bond issues, bank loans and private placements, and have helped our clients obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and subsidized loans. Our work is concentrated on providing independent advice that enables our clients to finance projects on the most favorable terms—lowest interest rates, smallest issue size, and greatest flexibility. Bartle Wells Associates is a charter member of the National Association of Municipal Advisors, dedicated to promoting high professional and ethical standards in the public finance industry. All of our lead consultants are Certified Independent Professional Municipal Advisors.

Other Services

Bartle Wells Associates has over 50 years of experience advising local governments on the complexities and challenges in public finance. We have the technical expertise and experience to evaluate all types of financial issues faced by local governments and to recommend the best and most-practical solutions. In addition to our core services, BWA assists public agencies with:

  • Design/build financing
  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Water system valuation & acquisition
  • Streetlight acquisition
  • Customized financial analysis & modeling
  • Revenue & expense forecasting
  • Proposition 218 notices
  • Interagency agreements
  • Public outreach initiatives
  • Expert witness testimony & litigation support